Gregg Green Photo Gregg Green

Being around music all of his life, his first musical memory is of him falling asleep underneath the stage his father played on, and humming along with the tunes, adding to the melodies and harmonies.

Now almost twentyfive years later he made his way around the world and onto the stage to do the same thing alongside his father, walking in his footsteps, while creating some of his own.

So its no mystery to see where the music in this talented musician comes from. He credits god first and his paternal grandmother for his gifts and drive. Mrs. Josephine Smith, herself a very blessed writer passed her gifts on thru her children and grandchildren, Gregory being one of them.

Never having had any conscious aspirations of becoming a musicians he accredits his present path as a divine decision, saying that all he ever has done is to simply follow his heart. A heart that has led him to live and perform in many places around the world. gracing stages, rooftops and houseparties with his music, acting and poetry, anywhere from Paris, France to Honolulu, New York to Amsterdam from Berlin to Toronto, to name some.

Steadily working at his craft his sound is best desribed as a mixture of styles, rooted in soul, or streetblues as he sometimes calls it.

One can hear influences from different styles in his music from blues to jazz hip hop to funk reggae and latin. but most of all his work has been called warm personal and spiritual.