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It was the year 2000 in Germany. Squil and Kenji 451 united in their hometown of Berlin to form the mostly instrumental trip hop group, Montags Dust. Their combination of talent creates a perfect recipe. A recipe that massages emotion into meditaion. The music's ingredients: sampler, keyboard, guitar, bass, violin, piano, and other instruments. Both members of Montags Dust have the abilities to play instruments and engineer beats electronically as well. Although they also experiment with other instruments, Squil most naturally plays keyboard/piano, and Kenji 451 most naturally plays violin and turntables. Montags Dust collaborates mainly with musicians such as Werd (scratches), Thorger (trumpet), Paula (vocals), Teao ("every instrument we know"), and other producers like E da Boss, Enzym, Joe, Antti, Gerrit, and others. Their first and latest album, "When Everything Burns" is clean. It is chill, melodic, beautiful, and dark. Music which evokes deep rooted emotion is dufficult to find, but Montags Dust does not seem to have any problem creating it, and they definately plan to keep moving strong in 2006.