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It was only fun when we were all together. Up late in the basement beatboxin for Mak (Shamako) as he spit a sick freestyle that nobody will ever hear except Me, Pash and Sundiata. As the cipher continued the next soul up would bless it the same. "Basement Love Turned Devils Walkmen" the EP was dropped in 2002, under the Alias Pash FSHO. The album was made and manufactured in about 3 weeks. Staying up for late and burning cds unitill the warranty ran out on the cd recorder. Only 300 copies were distributed. With Madd help from Solplus10, Noahdeeakili, Sam Seven and Shamako Noble the next album was immidiatly in progress. Cadillacs and Cockroaches the album was put out 2 years later in 2004. The Album was made under the alias Pash...A Trunk Specialist. Caddies and Roaches can be purchased on under the artist PASH A TRUNK SPECIALIST. Today Pash is with the original folks, Audiopharmacy (Kaotic Souls). From the sessionse back in the L's (1996) now has grown into a 9 piece ensenble. Audiopharmacy hybrids elements of many styles. Like a fat bong rip of salvia our alias is "blow back." With Simple Fiends (the band portion of the audiopharmacy crew) the lyrics and feelings are express without any concern of trend.